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SAFETY and TASTE: An Essential Combination

Quality is assured through the meticulous selection and monitoring of gluten-free raw materials, a dedicated team working with passion, competence, and professionalism, ongoing training and information updates, rigorous analytical testing of both raw materials and finished products, meticulous control procedures at every stage of production, and comprehensive product traceability measures.


Morgan's Pizza srl - Certificazioni
Morgan's Pizza srl - CertificazioniThe ministerial notification, as per Article 7 of Legislative Decree 111/92, certifies each product in our range as a gluten-free product specially formulated for individuals with celiac disease. Furthermore, the inclusion in the national register of products designated for specific diets, outlined in the Ministerial Decree of 8 June 2001 (art.7), ensures that all our products adhere to health standards.
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Our products are approved by the Ministry of Health
Our products are certified with the ‘Spiga Sbarrata’ logo by AIC (Italian Celiac Association).
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