MORGAN'S S.r.l. is a company specialized in the production of GLUTEN-FREE PIZZAS.

Morgan’s was born with the aim of producing


ensuring on one side the “gluten-free” requirement and on the other the “goodness” of the products.

The quality, coming from our passion and professionalism, is guaranteed by the high specificity acquired in the “gluten-free pizza” cworld which, over the years, has privileged high quality, carefully selected raw materials without gluten and it allowed to define and implement a working process designed “ad hoc”.

The site has a significant operative structure with a plant dedicated exclusively to the PRODUCTION OF GLUTEN-FREE PIZZAS, equipped with specific and modern equipment, makes use of high technical-instrument resources and employs a highly specialized staff that allows excellent results in terms of product quality and food safety.


Our commitment is to ensure to celiac consumers
the best “gluten-free pizza” product namely let them:
  • Enjoy total product safety
  • aste a gluten-free product whose organoleptic characteristics and nutritional values do not differ from those of a conventional analogue.
All this allows to expand the range of consumers of our pizzas
including all those who want to
take care of themselves without sacrificing taste.
Morgans S.r.l.
Via Spluss, 148 - 24020 Onore (BG)
+39 0346 23701
Our products are notified to the Ministry of Health
Our products are licensees of Spiga Sbarrata granted by AIC (Italian Celiac Association)
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